The Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel

Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel

IBM's Projects

IBM has contributed many patches for the Linux kernel, only some of which have made it into the FOLK patch series. So far. These patches are as follows:

  • ACP Modem Driver
    Current version in FOLK: 1.0.1
    A driver for the ACP WinModem.
  • Dynamic Probes
    Current version in FOLK: 2.2.0
    Dynamic debugging for the Linux kernel.
  • Inbound Connections Controls
    Current version in FOLK: paq 2.4.6
    A patch for the iptables architecture, to provide mechanisms to prioritize inbound connections.
  • Journaled File System
    Current version in FOLK: CVS snapshot, 6/28/2001
    IBM's open-sourced high-performance journalling filesystem port to Linux.
  • Next Generation POSIX Threading
    Current version in FOLK: 1.0.0
    An implementation of an M:N threading model. Improves performance of POSIX-threaded applications (particularly in SMP environments.)
  • Memory Compression patches
    Current version in FOLK: mxt-16
    Support for MXT memory compression hardware. MXT is implemented in the ServerWorks Inc. Pinnacle memory controller chipset.
    This has not been completely integrated, as yet.

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